Friday, January 15, 2016

What? me worry?

  It is very quiet in the house, the trash truck just picked up on our side of the street and is heading to the turn about. I have all my finances accounted for and under control. Since it was offered, and I am old and almost dead, I ran my credit score (which I have never ever cared about) to find they score me at 793. Okay, but if they knew how far I am from winning the Powerball they would have upped it.

   It is so quiet in the house, because I don't turn on the television, the cable is on but the monitor isn't. My wife wakes, asks if I am still here, and if it is cold outside -- no, just cool.  I did watch the debates last night, but Rand Paul is as discounted as his father Ron Paul, they must be very good people.  Dr. Ben Carson will end up on that list, he had my vote last night but that was because he had good answers, and I have never been part of the masses.  Trump made a lot of faces, spoke a bit better (not much but a bit), Rubio and Ted were painful to watch attacking each other, JEB! and Kaisic were in their comfort zone. I don't need to watch anymore debates, still wondering who is going to replace Hillary on the Democratic ticket, especially since all the real potential folks to slow the crash of the economy and the country were on the stage in Charleston. There is no superfool that is needed to get the country right - just all us normal ones, we need to make our little lives better and wonderful and enriching and sharing and caring. It will never come out of Washington, DC, and that New York thing they were talking about last night, everyone knew what that was, and there are great people in New York City and metro - held under the thumb of evil folks with really weird ideas.  Maybe Bloomberg will replace Hillary- he has done so much to so many what would a few more do?

   Well, only sixty bucks left until the end of the month, shouldn't eat too much and that would be a good thing!  Take care out there... I have no winning lottery numbers and a 793 credit score, but God knows I need to lose weight, and pay off all debts and prepare for the passing of 2016 --- Olympics in Brazil and elections on television, and less Facebook. Time for the YMCA, ought to get a job.


  1. Yep, quiet and exercise are what keep us going. It's time to stop and smell the roses, we've earned that!

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