Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Do go see the movie '13 Hours' ... made my wife nervous...

  Since she was deep into the movie she grabbed my arm, and noticed my breathing and muscle tension --- don't worry, dear, I will be fine when the lights come back on. One of the best combat movies I have ever seen, all the secrets are out there.  Things I think are very important to note:  Political Correctness does not a civilized man make, just because you went to some super spy school or hall of higher learning - mortar rounds and RPGs just won't care.  Muslims aren't all out to kill all Americans, they also aren't all going to help or protect you because you may leave them your work car. And, trust me, just because they say Okay, or give a special Hawaiian sign - they might still find working for the bad guys in their favor.  Americans are too often seen as aliens, foreign invaders, that is the danger in NeoCons, IMF and World Bank.

  Europe and English speaking North America have built a children deficit since WWII, the baby boom masked it - but the idea three to four children family was quickly replaced by mothers going to work and putting the children in childcare or school, like the Soviet Union was doing (which I thought was terrible, when I was a child). Europe had too few workers to rebuild, Germany imported Turks, they are still there, and still not German.

  I watch O'Reilly trying to control the words of one of the women that states 'Rape culture' is the way the Muslims live in some of their nations. The rule about women do not go out alone is because without a man to defend her she is seen as the victim looking for an attack.  He didn't want that said, but the females, in the military and other organizations without armed male protections will be raped, have been and the media has covered it up.  Just like certain Afghan males having sex with children, don't want to look and see the problem, but it doesn't go away.  So many lies and omissions in the media, you have to go elsewhere for truth.

  Well, I need to get back to reading about the Maori Wars in New Zealand, finished the 1840s and am working on the 1860s.  Lovely comparisons to the American experience, still if they had been united there would have been more trouble establishing civilization that could fall under the TPPA. Those that think they are special and know it all, should never stop questioning their facts. It ain't necessarily so.

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  1. It all seems to come down to our cultures are simply too different. They don't want to assimilate into our culture, we don't want to assimilate into theirs.