Sunday, January 10, 2016

Church today was very good...

  The sermon was about what Christians are called to do... and away we go, for sure the gun carrying Christians aren't causing all those shooting on the news, but then I thought about them not presenting their case at a CNN discussion with the President either.  For to me, it will always come back to how much one loves the stranger, the other humans in view... no love and shooting gets very easy, and not ever for a good reason. Just lack of love.  And the gun community does its image no good by talking about how they are going to shoot someone when troubles come, they need to mention they are prepared to be the security of the free State... not that they want to shoot someone.

   The off to hold the Sunday School for the fifth graders and since the main topic was Jesus in control of the creation and the story of his being awakened by frightened fellows, and holding up his hand and commanding the storm and the sea "Be quiet!" and in the calm "Be still" the waves stopped rocking the boat... That can get the little ones' attention when done in the Drill Sergeant mode. Still they never give us enough to teach, and do, the children are fast. So we went out for a walk in the Sunshine, temperature 55 degrees, very nice.  We actually have a wetland south of the main church building, protected by a fence.
   I released them for their seaweed and rice soup, with kim chee.  And I sat down to talk to the retired Coast Guardsman, and discuss the football season or whatever.  I found Isaac coming by, he and his brother Caleb weren't wearing their ball caps. But Isaac dropped a plastic frog from his pocket, then we emptied his pockets, sharks, lizard, frogs all over the table, so I started having the frogs do flips.  Fun.

Surprising me, two young girls (third graders?) sat down with their meal and started talking and then included me in their conversation! What? They always speak in pace and pitch above my hearing ability, but they are fun, so I asked their names and we had discussions... did I know these girls? Nope, were they in any of the activities I have been part of with the children, Nope.  Here comes another younger girl with her coat over her head looking like she would trip and spill her tray and soup, she didn't but she sat down beside her sister, and she started talking to me, too.  Where did all this come from? My wife says I make a perfect grandfather or great uncle figure.

   One girl told me she had to move and live with her father, until "what's his name" moved out - now I am shocked, and I am wondering how to speak to adult stupidity to her, but figured after some more conversation that she was already working on it. Well, I did introduce my wife to the two sisters before we left the fellowship hall, figuring if they could use a great uncle they could also use a great aunt, they would call the elder lady 'imo' (which could mean mother's sister in Korean) or the word for grandmother since her hair is white.  Yes, a very good day at church today.


  1. Those are good days, and a chance to pay it forward to the younger generation Earl! :-)

    1. I like having youngster friends, they may save the world one day, since I couldn't.