Thursday, January 21, 2016

Live the life of a quietly aging gentleman... and to die a free man...

  We do pick up stuff along the way in life, and some of it we love, some of it we need and much of it was thought to be worth the cost for some comfort... and we have been wrong before. Anyway, when I figured out that I wasn't going to get that Idealimage to make me young and beautiful and noticed that I could be debt free before this year is out. Now I can do that. Then when Hillary is elected by voter fraud in November, by January 2017 I can die and not bother my wife. Or when the dollar collapses or the Communist Controllers take charge, or anything that will stress others because they still have to service their debt masters, it won't bother me.  That National Debt isn't mine, I hold no bonds since President Clinton got funny with the interest payouts.

  My new improved concealed carry is wonderful, no one sees it, comfortable and always at hand.

  Not that my world has ever needed me with a pistol, thank God for His love.

  I am alarmed that the Academy Awards are for movies I wouldn't go see on my dollar, and we should have more diversity... but then the Academy isn't America, just a bunch of folks in the movie industry that are trying to make more money by having an awards ceremony for the public, who can't vote in the selection, see how they discriminate?  Well, I for one am not going to the Academy Awards, and I don't watch them either. I do like to see which movies were nominated and which ones were winners, they are usually worth watching.  I won't be buying them anymore, I have too much and I have noticed that as computers and film making become better and better that I am no longer their audience.  Strange, they don't accept me as I am.

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