Friday, October 9, 2015

Who you gonna call???

  I was doing shooting drills with another man, his drills, his range and targets. And I learned a lot, mainly about how much I don't know... so I have stuff to work on. Dry practice is your foundation, but do make sure you only practice the correct way.  I am positive, you being an intelligent human being, that you will invent a way to get it done or else die when overcome by events. Flooding like crazy in the Carolinas, crazy drivers, and unexpected rock slides and train wrecks. The younger folks may just pull out their phones and photograph and share, the more responsible may try to contact professional help, and then do their best.

  A very serious gun writer posted videos of shooting drills, and in less than ten seconds putting nine bullets into three targets, two to the chest, one to the head. Of all three, without a double tap. Faster than I ever draw my pistol, the conflict was settled before I could get into the fray.  Analyzing after, the shooter said she needed more drills to improve draw, reload and malfunction, clear, reload and engage..... practicing for Murphy's worst day, all good stuff.

   One of my first lessons in the gun drills, that the bullet in this man, will go on to the man behind, which is only great if they are both bad guys -- what if one had been just walking behind the threat?

  My wife attended the funeral of the lady she couldn't save with her CPR last weekend. And this morning she went back over how it all happened, what everyone did, and all the things she knows now about the woman and her health issues which may have had a large portion of her death than my wife knew at the time...

  That is always going to be the point. You can only work on what you see and know at the time of crisis. So before anything happens: plan for failure, plan to act, and pray it goes the way it should. Then PRACTICE the stuff correctly.  When playing the piano, bad practice only hurts tranquility and someone's ears, when skate boarding, bad practice may mean scrapes and bruises and busted bones, but you are always learning if you survive. You may figure out your own skill set, when and where you want to learn and master -- but that professional help you need, costs money to maintain, isn't in your back pocket with your credit card and is only minutes - very long minutes - away.

  'Be prepared' should be a watchword not just a Boy Scout goal. In crisis you will tire yourself more from the fear/fight/flee chemical wash than the real actions of blood and muscles, so get control, cool and calm and TAKE ACTIONS!  My favorite war story (remember nothing ever happened to me) was being awakened from a fine nap because of a rocket attack - and I was not affected by it, so I could grab the mike, ask calm questions and answer higher headquarters with real information since they wanted to share and help... the only totally sane thinker in the room, at that moment.

  They give Dr Ben Carson noise over his idea of rushing the threat... not I, I know he is right, get in the fight! Even if you want to hug the poor misunderstood terrorist/murderer, give him a good hug, lock it down and whisper sweet thoughts in his ear -- until those professionals arrive. My wife listened quietly to the critical comments about what she had done, by another woman that hadn't been there, and started to get riled (she is a master at being riled), I told her that she should 'thank the woman for her information, ask if she wants to schedule a practice where she can demonstrate and all may practice, and that she hopes that next time she would jump in and do it right.  But then 'she' wasn't there... which leads to my question about any situation... who are you going to call? How long can you wait, and shouldn't you already be preparing beyond watching Ninja movies and slick gun flicks? They have dialing 911 to a one touch push ---- answer the operator, and then give the phone to someone else and help out. Thank you for your attention, but keep participating in life, it is moving on.

   Instead of worrying and wondering about gun violence and gun safety - are you stepping up to inform, train and practice with your children about their lives and firearms, first aid, and good manners? We aren't talking sex, just living in Liberty so everyone can participate.



  2. There comes a point where one simply doesn't improve and loses the will to WANT to improve. When you constantly grind on a specific function, without ever having the chance to shoot for 'fun', that will drive a person to quit. I think we are starting to see that happening with folks that forget how to have fun...

    1. Yes,if you can't or aren't going to have fun, why are you doing it? Motivate me, let's have a great day, week, month and life...