Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I give up, I will not participate in stupid....

   If I say something is not true, that means it is false. What seems to happen is that the person that has said something false will bring other false to the discussion and not prove anything except how stupid they are, how involved they are in proving they know what they believe has to be true, and how stupid they think you are for pointing out they just aren't telling the truth.  Are you worn out yet?

   Mathematics are so clean, if they didn't use all those Greek symbols I might have stay longer in class.

   I agree violence against people and property is illegal and should be illegal and we should try the people in the court of law, by a jury of their peers.

   I also know that gun control is holding your firearm on target, and putting it away when you aren't going to be in control on target.

   I will continue to be amazed at the number of politicians that think (or just say they do think) that they can protect the people by more laws.  They can't. 

   I guess for my life, what little I have remaining, I will have a prayer prepared for when I am startled by the stupid. They certainly need the LORD's help, and I do need to remain calm and in control -- not wanting my guns to go off and kill thousands when I am not watching.

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