Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Good Morning, America...

  Big day today, hundreds of thousands of Americans are getting out their guns, checking them, checking the ammunition and leaving their homes and expect to shoot today.  Many are looking forward to it.  Some are going to be reluctant and cautious.  Depends on why and where they are carrying.  I expect most all of them will return home to put the guns up, cleaned, oiled and resting until the morrow. Yes, many rounds will have been fired on target, most - over 95 percent will be on target, all most all will never have harmed anyone. I pray it will be so, for sure it is my expectation.

  I enjoy watching dramas and such, but I can tell my life is not one of those fantasies. My life is mine and much better than Hollywood writes.  Oh, today I am one of those Americans that will be carrying guns and ammunition around, with the intention of shooting, if needed, on target cause only hits count.  All the proposals about training, identification, registration and what they call common sense gun control --- I will be right there, meeting all the artificial requirements, gosh if I could be trusted and expected to compute tactical nukes, and not betray my country... how do you think you would ever regulate me out of my very real gun control? My guns, I control them. Not the government, not the local drug lords, certainly not the Pastor, the policemen, the auto mechanic, the bikini barista, the little boy down the lane.... just me.

  I offered my brother a pistol and fifty rounds when he was complaining on Facebook about who was going to get these guns and ammunition for everyone being part of the militia of American citizens... but he didn't answer. Which is fine, no one should be required to own a weapon they don't want, just like no one should be required to drive a Prius. And being an American, I do understand resisting stupid ideas from people in government and power. Part of our nation's foundation, resisting bad ideas and behavior.  If registration were a fine idea, you could register people, DNA and fingerprints, photo id with bar codes to be read by machines, to allow citizens to carry a firearm anywhere they wanted to, and to vote.

   Not that the anti-gun goofs will read this far, but if you tie carrying arms to voting, as far as registration and photo ID, the Left will fold.  I watched one do that yesterday, I don't care but they seem to not understand that militia and citizen are the same human being. I have been carrying ID for a long time.

   I got a form letter from my credit card company, one that I owe money to, and since they have decided that I was late with my payment they would have to penalize me.  Ah, punish me! Beat me!  I sent a couple pieces of the offended card back to the fine folks, thanked them for all the years of working together and helping me break that habit of reaching for plastic to cure my temporary ills.  I have noticed that everyone wants you to have their card, giving you all kinds of perks, but just so they can drain your blood, you are a golden egg laying goose and they want you.  I am sure they talk to each other out there in the money lending world.  Didn't they notice the number of credit cards I have but don't use? The number of cards I once used but decided I didn't like their rates and closed? Hmm, not in their program, just like everyone expects I can't get along without a cellphone, iphone, smarter than I phone, but I do, thank you.

   Oh, yes, I could get by without any guns, or knives, or some little knowledge of martial arts and war.... but they aren't hurting me, my family, nor anyone else.  The problem is the people that don't love life, be they in Planned Parenthood or all the crazy murderers feeding the nightly news and the let's keep the people in fear so we can stay on top and in charge folks in government.


  1. People that don't love life....well said. And how terribly sad for everyone that such people exist.

  2. Well said Earl, and getting out of debt and STAYING that way is the key to a happier life!