Thursday, October 1, 2015

So what would a disarmed American population look like?

  There are lots of wonderful gun free citizens in the world, and they have tanks next door going through walls, machine guns firing tracers in the night, artillery and mortar rounds landing on school yards, and the constant fears that not only can't you trust your government's goodness, but how deep must that hole be to protect your family and how far can you run with food and water to make it to the refugee camp... think about it.  Countries that fall apart, normally have very sane and safe firearms laws to protect the citizens - and the heavy handed politicians making power a principle.

   So today, another shooting in a community college in Oregon. Too many dead, and of course the murderer. A twenty year old unidentified (conspiracy nuts say that means the shooter was a TERRORIST OF SOME FOREIGN ethnic persuasion) male. The police responders did a fine job of neutralizing the murderer.  The murderer didn't want to obey the anti-murder laws, which are not a right of a person to attack other people.  Maybe the Bill of Rights should have said that the right of one man to kill another couldn't be infringed upon.  Then we could be having a discussion about changing that right.

  But most people don't believe in a right to attack other people, although it is in the Koran or is that Quran? Not an English word and I don't read Persian nor Arabic.  And I want to follow the Holy Bible, so none of that should matter.  And I expect to again, this coming weekend be at a place where a large amount of rounds will be fired safely and on target and no one will be hurt, unless they were too proud and too unpracticed and unskilled, that should only be feelings.  So all of Mayor Bloomberg's money and good intentions done wrong upon the unknowing public and President Obama's skillful deciding that good gun laws mean less violence (completely ignoring the Cook County body counts for wrongful gun deaths) will not be as effective as people establishing safety rules, a Course of Instruction, safe places to shoot. Or maybe it is just Earl, and if they fly me everywhere real quick I can prevent any more gun deaths... but that isn't really what I think.

   I think to be fair and balanced the news has to start reporting all the rounds fired, the targets hit and the enjoyment or troubling of the shooters.  No pictures, no breaking news, no media feeding frenzy - if it bleeds it leads.  President Obama says he is upset about how often in a country of over 310 million people that has a recorded fifty-nine million abortions performed for the business success of a non profit but highly profitable enterprise.  All lives matter, really and the police won't be there when a woman is getting pregnant, and won't be there soon enough when a crazy person is shooting other people.  That is a truth.  I don't have guns and a desire to shoot a human being, a rational person doesn't desire the death of others for gratification.  But, I may one day see a need to shoot someone.  Have before and could see it happening again, not likely because I don't go into gun free zones wearing Zombie t-shirts.

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