Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Almost the end of September and there is still rum and whiskey in the cabinet...

  You had no idea that two of the cabinet were code named Rum and Whiskey, did you?  Nah, speaking to my inability to finish what I started... haven't missed too much alcohol in my life, all those dry years I remember so very well.  The session at the YMCA took me to new levels of performance for 'that older gent' (my official new title replacing 'hey, old timer')

   Millions upon  millions, when we look back in History, slavery is completely not understood. Although there is real slavery still in backward countries, in the modern civilized nations there no longer is the same creature. There are legal entanglements and contracts and such, but there is much more freedom for those that don't count and they don't have to make bricks without straw because of the change.  I watched the movie Philomena last night, good movie and not my normal fare.  Still gives me thoughts to mull over.  Today, the Democratic Party, the party of slavery, is still taking an immoral stand, a legal but immoral stand on Planned Parenthood and abortion.  I am, still, a fellow very against others deciding my life, my culture, my contribution to the sins of humanity and the world.  Figuring my own stupidity, and Satan will likely do plenty without the cohorts of evil doers in positions of pretense of importance... The control freaks remain the weakness in most government systems, one very competent person can't do it all, and as soon as you add normal humans, you have lost the power of being really competent.

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  1. Well said, humans don't always 'conform' to the system's desires...