Friday, October 2, 2015

Time for the meek to inherit the Earth...

  Meek = showing patience and humility; gentle   and that describes a paratrooper from Charlie Cobras long ago and far away...  Cause when it was time to fight, they would do so...  all boys should be brought up better, with the certain knowledge and playground experiences that say they are to fight and protect the weak and innocent. To include shooting Afghan child rapists, but it isn't about a failed nation state as much as a failed cultural norm - 'violence never solves anything'.  That wasn't true when my mother said it, and she knew it but had to give me better examples of a better way.

   I don't have guns because I have a desire to shoot anyone, that is irrational and stupid and I don't have to be either.  I don't want, desire nor expect to ever shoot anyone, I work hard to avoid it. Firearms are dangerous, but so much of the world is dangerous so I have to learn how to control - ME.  When I pick up a firearm, I must make sure it doesn't overcome my reluctance to point it in a dangerous direction and pull the trigger. If I am really picking it up, I first make sure which way it is dangerous, make sure it is on safe and unloaded.... then I can decide what to do next with it. It takes a real man to resist that urge that Hollywood gives every red blooded boy to shoot their eyes out, to take up the blade and slash and stab until blood is covering everything... right? Oh, I am supposed to know the difference between myth, fantasy and foolish idiots?  I mean, really all my girl friends and romantic lady friends have all looked just like... themselves and are cherished because they don't live like Pretty Woman characters with golden hearts and sloppy morals?

   Let me be perfectly clear, I blame the Western Culture and Civilized world for the foolish politically correct and almost Christian view of living in love and harmony. Jesus wants us to be our best in this life for the next.  You should want everyone to be their best in this life, not because of fear, not because of weakness, not because they must or the government or mob will kill them or condemn them to being outcasts. You should want them to be wonderful people so we will all live a great rewarding life here on Earth.  And sometime, in dangerous times when people are getting killed, the men need to know they are to stand up and attack and slay with effect.  They need to stop when the danger is done - then God and the government can come along and investigate, repair, restore and award points for form or take them away for folly and foolishness.

Meek = showing patience and humility; gentle   It is time for boys to be boys, and the meek to inherit the Earth.  Ladies, teach your children well, you do need to produce gentlemen and warriors and heroes.  And those that say that I mean to decrease the importance of women and their role, haven't a clue and should visit the library much more. Ladies can and may fight just as hard or harder, but I hold them responsible for the most important part of the killing time, turning it off when the danger has passed.



  1. Agreed. Don't try to turn boys in to girls and vice versa... Teach them right from wrong, and let them be children and enjoy themselves...