Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I do think most of America, the people - all of the people do not understand...

  What made these United States of America great - was the people and the Liberty to grow fat and happy. What has been the problem is the idea that the people can't take care of themselves and their future. I do understand God being more intelligent than I, but I have trouble finding many in elected offices and government agencies that are smarter than I.  Not many of them are as nice as I am either.

  From the very beginnings there has always been a struggle to keep from making kings, nobility and grabbing power. Arron Burr and Alexander Hamilton come immediately to my mind, lucky that George Washington was a contented planter.  Over the last hundred and ten years or so, many fools have worked hard to ruin a simple idea - the people could be in charge of their own. There are lovely things like gun control in Mexico, and no one wants to proclaim that nation a paradise, although vacationing there still happens. Canada works pretty well, except you have to look under the hood sometimes. I liked them for storing gold when FDR went crazy, and storing anti-war folks when Johnson went crazy.

  I don't think there are enough all Americans that understand Liberty, the Constitution and such. If the USA is a republic, then a militia of concerned citizens is part of that mix. Armed and aware and not willing to be bought off to surrender their Liberty. Two things for the Federal Government, the militia was the States' and not the 'national' government's. Yes, fifty of them.

  I am almost certain, with education being what it is today, the people aren't prepared to take care of themselves. They have to have a court decide what a law means, because no one knows how to read nor write in English?   What I think and say isn't important enough to share, you would have figured it out yourselves if you are smarter than I, but don't expect the government - at any level - to think for you, to protect you, to understand you, to assist you, or make you fat and happy. But you have my blessings as you find your way in the world, just don't think to control anyone or anything - or you become part of the problem not part of the solution. If you have to send armed men to make it your way, you haven't got a good idea. Think it over again.

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