Friday, October 16, 2015

I really want to write about how close we are to war.. a global one...

but I won't.  Since you don't have the required foresight.

  What I will discuss is the term Washington Redskins, a football team that some strange fools have decided is an offense against a group of folks that can't protect themselves. For my paragraph today, I offer an example of the baseball friendly New York Yankees as George Carlin once noticed baseball was a much nicer game than football. You will have to understand that to those that use yankee as a denegration and those that have no love lost with the term Yankee (ie, the South) that the same people that want to fool with the team name and logo should be working just as hard on Yankees, because with Yankee 

 you can go to the song Yankee Doodle Dandy which made fun of the colonials that the enlightened British could look down upon. How did the poor helpless because we didn't support royalty and foolishness fix it? Well, we adopted it as a title to be worn with pride, until it was smeared over everyone in the War Between the States. But y'all knew that.


  1. Well, we have Chaos in the middle east, courtesy our president, with Russia as the new pivot.

    He then supports terrorists who wish us dead, to destabilize Syria, KNOWING that the long time Soviet/Russian client state would never be allowed to fall.

    And he created ISIS/ISIL, trained and equipped them in the process.

    Arab spring indeed. Someone will have to name a brand of soap with that one. Goat scented perhaps.

    Some seem to this this is due to the incompetence of the chief executive when in reality it is a cleverly thought out plan to empower radical Islam, destroy Israel and the Jews with it, spread radical Islam throughout the west via a contrived "refugee crisis", and to aid the Muslim war against Russia.

    Chaos and uncontrollable disorder are the order of the day from North Africa to Iraq, Iran, and Syria, with only marginal control in Egypt and Jordan. The house of Saud is having chest pains along with Qatar and the rest of the emirates, fearing overthrow by the Shiites. They the lash out at the Iran backed rebels in Yemen.

    As this is going on, Our dear leader has withdrawn the last U.S. Navy carrier battle group in the Persian gulf.

    The Israelis are now forced to actually talk to Putin, because Mr. Obama is a barely closeted anti-Semite. The Israelis, though are thought to have somewhere around 200 nuclear warheads, along with the Jericho III missile Long range and MIRV capable), and five shiny Dolphin class submarines capable of launching nuclear tipped cruise missiles from those subs, the quietest diesel electric boats in the world.

    Meanwhile Putin refers to the POTUS as "oatmeal brain" which coming from a rotten communist is surprisingly accurate.

    Meanwhile, the same chief executive weakens us militarily, forcing japan to re-arm, and putting the South china sea, the Taiwan straights, and very probably the sea of japan under Chinese control, allowing china to threaten the seal lanes and it's neighbors from Tokyo, to Taipei, to Saigon. And probably India as well.

    Having allowed the Chines the freedom to build artificial islands and declare them part of china, China now threats to use force to stop us from freely navigating in international waters, further threatening the Philippines.

    And Afghanistan. having committed to leaving, potus has decided to stay, and let his successor taste the defeat. This is not incompetence. It is evil genius.

    And we have all the signs of the times, all the divine cause and effect, all the prophecy, and all of the current events that point to them.

    Our own hemisphere is unwell also. Our borders porous, our willingness to accept the unacceptable manifest. A refashioning of society at the hands of the president, the liberal left, and right wing business interests like the Chamber of commerce and the business round table.

    And some candidates are now openly talking about firearms confiscation. The not so secret secret is out in plain view. So the conflict will not just be global, but right on each and every doorstep.

    Our eye is on the ball. The front sight in focus if you will. The great deception is well underway.

    Steve Ramsey.

  2. Hadn't thought of it in that light, but you're right... And today it's still a divisive term...

  3. Hadn't thought of it in that light, but you're right... And today it's still a divisive term...