Thursday, July 2, 2015

independence day blues... everyone should so suffer...

  No it isn't the 4th of July, it is Independence Day... with a long list of terrible things the colonies couldn't suffer under the far away Parliament and King George the Third. A long list that looks suspiciously like or better than the stupidity we are living under now.

  I am not concerned, the America that could have been died soon after WWII, not because of lack of courage, lack of leadership, lack of values - but because re-writing History continued. The lie that government must control the economy to make everything better - a lie. That without the Roosevelt changes in basic freedoms that the collectives of the Soviets or the Chinese Communists would be better than free enterprise, better than the Republic, all lies. That a secular society is fairer than a moral or religious society will be better for everyone.  The lie that the government has an answer that will always work, all lies.

  I encourage everyone to read the Declaration of Independence, and reflect on what a monster has been created to replace those points of contention with the Crown. Know ye that England has not gotten better nor lesser from the separation of colonies from Crown, but very well suffers exactly the same ills with a resident Royal to bring tourism to the homeland.

  I encourage everyone to be free and independent.  I am embarking on bicycle riding for Gas Tax increase protest. Why should I pay more to ride just because the law maker representatives in Olympia don't have any good sense and don't love me, the citizen they don't care for and love more than their life.  They don't love me, nor thee, they think we are just something to be controlled exploited and robbed at gun point.  Don't believe me, the sheriff or police will be on their way, since true free thinking is a dangerous activity, not approved by any political party, nor representative of the people that aren't secure in their importance without subjects to their will.

  Don't owe them anything, become free and independent. Save your energy for the future that no one can predict, although they really want to.


  1. Hindsight is always 20-20, foresight not so much... Enjoy your Independence Day sir!

  2. Happy Independence Day, Earl!