Monday, June 29, 2015

Quiet Monday morning thoughts...

  My brother drove me to the Bible and prayer, or my lack of a proper start to the beauty of the Summer morning outside my Computer cave window and my thankfulness that I can truly believe.

  A ton of work is awaiting my attention, having returned from a very small but as always successful Appleseed event, I even have reports to file, rifles to clean and put away.  And I found out more truth while upon the road and range that isn't on my computer feed, nor is drawing national attention but is there in all our lives, troubling us.

  So I share: Seventh stepping being a critical part of spreading the word about the wonders of an Appleseed event with safe marksmanship, having history and honoring our heritage, the Shoot Boss, me, has to encourage the shooters - to tell everyone to wear their Appleseed Project t-shirt, tell their story and talk about the RWVA message so I did.  And I learned a large truth.

  I found that a shooter, who really learned and improved a lot, can't tell family nor co-workers and friends about the two days with me... SHOCK!! But then I realized the shooter had just become my introduction to the S to the 4th power, (Super Secret Shooting Society!). Never fired a rifle before Saturday, the shooter's final shots went out safely on target on Sunday, but has been invited back with the normal admonishment - dry fire practice, read the study materials and think well of us.

  I won't tell you the shooter is afraid of nothing - that there isn't a real effort to paint the NRA, shooters and such with the same color paint one uses for the horrors one sees on the entertainment and news media. EVIL, and those that are brave enough stay and find out an uncomfortable truth, maybe the fear that is spread from the top of the human pyramid to the bottom dwellers isn't based on truth.  Because there is EVIL in the world, a younger white man murdered nine real Christians, and the news media, the entertainment folks and the ones that want to spread fears began looking at everything to blame his actions on... and a feed frenzy of the fearful foolish began.

   Confederate Battle flags sales stopped, memorials defaced, cakes only baked celebrating homosexual and Christian kills for ISIS or the newly government certified homosexual marriage unions - but not for the lovers of History. The unknown attackers of truth, always hiding their names, their emails and their hardware from the press for protection.... they have decided that only what they think is worthy and we have to wait for their daily feed. 

   But they can't hide the truth, just try to twist it to their benefit. The family, friends and the faithful in that famous church in Charleston demonstrated the way. They reached out in prayer, in strength and Christianity or just great faith in our Father for forgiveness of the murderer and his salvation. Exercising God's Love for all those less fortunate, less blest and so wrong in their actions. Like any muscle, skill or art and craft, one must exercise those things one wants to improve upon - from marksmanship to basket weaving or prayer and finding the truth, exercise more real love in your every day. Evil can't stand against it, and stupidity can't be fixed, but salvation is for everyone.

  One has to accept responsibility for one's sins, ask forgiveness and call upon the LORD. He sent His Son to show you the way, those murdered believers are in Heaven with the thief that died with Christ, and that is the truth. Say a prayer for me, and my brothers and sisters. Thank you.


  1. The folks in Charleston have been overcome by the protesters, the attack dog groups, and the politicization of what happened... God has been kicked to the back of the bus...

    1. Sad to hear that, although I do think after the media and PC circus is gone, all they will have left is their faith and wonderful memories of those victims.