Wednesday, June 10, 2015

There are more errors and bad stuff on my new system than ever...

  No, it isn't broken, just troubled and restless and doesn't love me. Kind of like the government.

   It is Father's Day month and I thought while looking for pictures of my father that it is really about family. One of the best things I have ever been is a father - with all my imperfections and stupid and general flaws in behavior - I am a father and that works for me. Since it was one of the big ones on my list of things I wanted to be that makes me successful.

  But for me, just to sire a child wasn't enough, there had to be a marriage and a family, cause I was part of one growing up, and I like some traditions. If there is a common link between my father, me and my son - we marry well and we marry great women from a very different culture, it does make for interesting times.


  1. Well said, and being a father IS work, especially to do it right...

  2. I once heard, and it rang true because I saw it done everyday by my Father, that the best thing a Father can do for his children, is to love their Mother. From personal experience, done way to imperfectly, it works, especially when applied in copious amounts.

  3. Very well said and I so agree with Tim's comment above. My Dad adored my mother through thick and thin and two rounds with cancer. She wanted him to remarry as he was still young and he did. But carefully, to a woman who would love us as well as he loved her. I was VERY fortunate.