Monday, June 8, 2015

Commom folk, the little people, the meek and those a peace with... your world...

 I turned into my regular fat old man on the way to the YMCA this morning, after a wonderful solid night's rest in my own bed. Kind of a splash of cold water - after being one of the center of attention this weekend at an Appleseed.

  You see, there at the Appleseed, I am an expert, I have shot Rifleman, I tell the real History of April 19th, 1775,  and I am respectful but demanding in the shooter's learning the rifle safety and marksmanship - just to 4 Minutes of Angle.  That can almost swell my head to larger than any hat size. I make new friends, marksmen, and patriots (actually only show them there is more out there than they were paying attention to) and for those brief two days I have become almost as important as Captain Parker that fateful day. Do a good job and I feel like a hero.

  Today, I have to reorganize my home life, pack the Appleseed stuff away, iron the Rifleman 5.11 shirts and work trousers by Dickies. Sharpen my halberd, which I did demonstrated during Sunday lunch as I added to the shooters' knowledge of yesteryear. Never did get the musket out to shoot, since it was really hot.

  I am happy to be special for the Appleseed for those common people that come to the shoot, to learn, to improve and to maybe join the call to Liberty. They aren't special, except that they come to get better. As I watch some television reporter/commentator that knows not the NRA, the Federal gun laws nor has ever tried to buy a firearm at a gun show--- telling the watching world what she knows about all of that (just displaying common leftist ignorance and rumors - and I thought she was smarter than that - but she sounded just like my brother).

   The British regulars didn't think much of the common rabble, mob, rebels and such, their officers had even a lower opinion... and both were wrong. Doesn't it seem funny that as soon as Liberty is achieved, the larger organization begins to whittle away at it or enclose the people in enough 'protections' for their own good that one might find more freedom inside a prison, where there isn't anything left that they can take from you?


  1. Under estimated then, under estimated now... Thanks for the time and effort Earl!

    1. Always happy to be there, almost wish it were every weekend, but then that could become 'work'.

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