Sunday, June 14, 2015

What is truth? what is true? How do I know?

  Questions, wonder, test and verify... I am not a child amazed by the family magician's parlor tricks, or was I educated to become accepting of the leader's message and his primary circles 'good' intentions. Does the larger community of men, mean that we don't have to try as hard to find our way, there will be a sale on GPS locators at Cabela's, and everyone knows that the satellites won't ever go down in our life time. Although, they really do go down, it just doesn't get reported and there are duplicates coming along, better ones.

  Questions asked by old men at the YMCA, about the military and the Military cable offerings, and I wonder just a bit if the cooking shows or Martha Stewart don't have the same problem? They tell us information, the things they are highlighting, using, the techniques and we the audience is supposed to believe in them. Smoke and mirrors, magic?

  If the dollar is so sound, how do those crisis points happen where the government must step in? And when they make the movie about it, the ten books about it, the talk shows and speaking circuits -- will we really know what happened to Enron? Why hasn't that happened to EXXON or BP?

   Okay, those are big things too far above our pay grade. So why if I had a good public education with lots to learn and full of stuff I use in my life, why can't the schools provide that now? Or is the truth that they do and can, but the lens on the culture is tiny and people want to make money from my fears (I have only grandchildren to be concerned over and they have real parents that will make them wonders - no matter the public schools).  There is that to consider, like Mike Rowe suggests, the push for college for everyone isn't working nor necessary, life long education is, and schools for crafts and other stuff will be of more benefit.

   Once, poetry and music were used to remember things, now you have a smartphone and are constantly in touch with plans and people -- or are you? The input from others might only be a software program on a machine, or banks and banks of machines, telling you how much you are really loved... what is true, how do you find the truth, or is the constant noise too much.

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