Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The ugly stuff thrown around out there... or the things I would rather never learn about...

  My brother made a comment about something being metric - so I had no idea what he meant so I went looking. And was immediately offended. 

  Not that was what my brother intended, but he had nothing to offer that was good, so he slung it out. He does not think it was offensive. But then he is a modern kind of guy and can be swayed into all kinds of stuff - some of it really wonderful - others not so much.

  I, on the other hand, am just a old man, with the big belly, balding pate (no, I don't use that term much), with in a rut that could just get big enough to be buried in... almost up to my axles.

  The Governor of South Carolina took the Confederate Battle Flag down, and I do think she did it so well. But then I have always thought it best to be used in movies, or placed with honor over the graves of Confederate soldiers and veterans. Remember, it only matters to me, you should have your own opinion. I have long been upset by people that want to change the message to their advantage, normally for political gain. The one that come immediately is homosexual marriage. By my definition marriage is a union between a man and a woman - most often for establishing a new family. I have been told I am wrong about that, kind of like believing that Democrats care about the people, or Republicans have more to offer than Democrats cause they are all rich. Most things that everyone knows are needing fact checking.

  When you don't fact check, there are perceptions to overcome, and you will probably miss what is happening because you don't have to understand to be entertained. I could be seeing a lot of ugly in my world because it suits the humans wandering around lost. Kind of like Moses coming down from the mountain with God shining from him and seeing the people locked in lust under a golden calf, made by his brother. It could really make one angry.

  Not me, I hope for salvation, built upon the idea that God loves us.  For sure a government, made up of self centered fools doesn't love us. But then a government is only an organization to harness people to pull the wagon or the plow and get the job done.  Isn't it?

  I do hope you all have a wonderful life, and that you have family, friends and good strangers to love better than they deserve. Lots of laughter and lots of love. Be very good out there, and make all your shots count.


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  1. Now Earl, you know they don't have time to actually 'check' the 'facts' before they put them out there... sigh