Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How do you stay at Liberty... well?

  Tradition tells us that the United States of America were founded on Liberty, and the politicians finally designed a Republic to represent the People and States in the larger world, and that the Questions of almost everything would be decided at the lowest level - the citizen.  Then the politicians decided they needed to organize and keep limited the number of successful political parties competing for power over the citizens and states that they were supposed to represent and work for...

   Money crept in there from the start, always how do we pay, not worth a Continental, and debts lots of debts to cover, interesting times lots of bad ideas, lots of immoral choices and lots of troubles in various directions. But always a theme that the nation was conceived in Liberty - that changed to Freedom around the time of the Civil War, because all men were going to be Free. Noble idea, morally a very good one, and used to promote the idea that all the people now must obey the government... where did that come in? I was sure the idea was that all free men would live in Liberty and the government would respond to them, the citizens...

  Of course, if you spend a lot of lives and money beating to death the folks that want their Liberty, for the sake of the freeing of slaves - sounds like you do know who has the power, the Federal government. Now I will always hold one truth, that freeing the slaves and ending slavery in the United States of America was a great result of the conflict. Imagine that the British Empire did it by discussion and voting long before America (do you think that shows better intelligence in Britain, or just honorable politicians?), and there were more slaves in the British colonies than in the United States.  Not so important as many truths about the flags and the cause and the evil men do... for whatever reason. Evil is evil.

   There are many people that will tell you that you must obey the police, not true, you should cooperate, but until the local police assume the care and protection of you under arrest, you don't have to obey them. There are lots of great police out there, ask them if you can help, but don't fret obeying them. They will kill you if you are a bother, or they will say they have it under control.

Lead armored vehicle flying the Confederate Battle flag
  There are some famous commentators on cable and television news, that reinforce the idea that when the government says something you must obey. Again, not true, you should cooperate or object quietly. In the end, they will kill you and tell the story their way, always... History is always written by the victor - why do you think Islam is a religion of peace - because you must submit to live.

   Now the worst part of the political parties, the huge sums of money and the various political action groups, is that no one is really doing a good job representing the people. Some strange economic ideas have slid in the mix - less government regulation and taxation means more economic activity. The government is needed to coordinate actions by the nation in defense, in justice and in sound money for commerce. They don't know anything about free markets, banking, trade, education, innovation and industry -- and few government folks can milk a cow - so how do you think they do at fleecing and milking the modern American economy? You do know the reason that we rent Russian space vehicle space - is our government program was a failure.  Which government transit system is working? which private systems are working?

  Don't worry good folks, do the very best you can, the government doesn't love nor will it save you, it needs to get out of the way.  But always try to be polite, have good manners and better language and they won't know what to do with you. You are a free person at Liberty in the most wonderful trainwreck about to happen in the world.  There is no way you nor any of the fools in government will ever pay off nor down the national, state or county debts... mainly because the people that hold those bonds and notes buy more representation than you the citizen.

   I expect we are all going to die. But the next time some one tells me that slavery was so morally wrong that we will never be forgiven for building a country with it... I will remind them that if life begins at conception (scientific fact) then all abortions are immoral.  Nope, I don't want to punish the women not smart enough to find alternatives - I really feel sad for them, really.  Living in liberty means always being responsible for what you do, and we all should work on being better folks. Have a great day!


  1. Excellent, Earl, simply excellent.

  2. Well said Earl... It's all about personal responsibility, which WE understand and take, while the other side refuses to accept any responsibility, always shifting the blame!