Sunday, June 21, 2015

First day of Summer, and my wife takes me out for steak and ice cream...

   Perhaps we shouldn't read the comments on Facebook, especially when a person from the fool camp is posting what is good sense to themselves, and many other silly things they thought you meant or said.

   I expect all gun control, or common sense gun laws to be as poorly written and enforced as the drug laws, drunk driving laws and rape laws. So I don't hold much hope in the government solution to any of those things, why give them more that they can't handle?

  When my brother says they aren't coming to take my guns, he forgot about Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge.  The most recent Waco, Texas incident with the motorcycle clubs makes me wonder if he should be wary of riding around large groups of bikers.

  All the great laws about driving, often held up as an example of what the government could do to make shooting firearms safer, has a much higher death toll than firearms, daily.  So, how is it that the increasing regulation of firearms would make anyone's shot within one minute of angle?

   But I have enjoyed a French film today, and the steak was perfect and so was the company, do hope your day was wonder full.

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