Sunday, May 24, 2015

Things that make you think no one really knows enough...

  Well, it is Memorial Day weekend, and the holiday spirit is good. At my church someone had put together a video tribute for fallen of America's wars, monuments and pictures with the total number of war dead for each. Although I saw it twice I didn't catch the war dead for the American Civil War, the War Between the States, but the video had started with the proudly rippling in the wind Stars and Bars, the first National Flag of the Confederacy:

    Then cut to a picture of a Civil War battle field, maybe the numbers were in the clouds and I didn't see them clearly. What struck me, since I recognized the flag immediately was that as talented as the video editor was in putting it together he didn't know he was rippling the harmony of those that might think the Confederacy was an enemy instead of a wayward brother.  I will of course forget to see if I can help the editor in the future.

   I did great things yesterday, got my demonstration rifle with a mounted green laser prepared for the next Appleseed and my own dry fire here in the home. I am so far behind in my reading and writing, I may never catch up, so the procrastination pile increases and awaits my attention. Be good.

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  1. Sounds like another attempt to 'tamper' with history and revise it...

    The bright spot is you're NOT bored Earl! :-)