Friday, May 22, 2015

Raised my ire, it did, just raised it right on up...

   I do hope I am not bothering anyone anywhere. Just wish y'all the best possible in your life and loves.

   I have been very happy as a member of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, I first joined in 2005, but then after getting targets, lots of reading from Fred, and a t-shirt which I still have, there wasn't an Appleseed shoot anywhere near where I was nor likely to be any time soon. So, after a year, my interest in an organization that sounded good, would be fun to work with and learn how to shoot better and maybe get an M1 Garand one day, well, my investment hadn't paid off, and my membership and interest waned and withered and died.

   Until sometime in 2008, I bought an M1 Garand and a bunch of 30-06 in clips and in boxes, and there was now an Appleseed in Yakima, Washington in October, so I signed up again and paid five year membership (because I could save twenty dollars). That started my Appleseed Trail - all linked on the left side of this blog. In 2011 and 2012 I was medically absent more than present, but there were special people to come back and help and celebrate their moving up in the organization, and gosh, just have a great time remembering, Bickleton, WA April 21-22, 2012, those were the wonder years of a great time.

  Anyway, the health improved and I started back on the trail, and working on Appleseeds. Times were a little tougher, ammunition wasn't always available and sometimes the shoots weren't as well attended as we liked. But still there isn't much better than two days of rifle marksmanship and heritage and history of April 19th, 1775.

   For some strange reason people that love Liberty don't like to be organized, homogenized and pasteurized. And some folks just want to be in charge... every organization will have them, find them and work with or under them... which could be a problem, like herding cats, it just doesn't always work smoothly. So, volunteers depart in singles or droves depending on how much noise they made and how off the permitted track they went. 

   What seems to be worse, is that the leadership (those that think they are in charge and want our attention) will run around talking about disloyalty, and shame, and sending volunteers into the corner or off the forum for a 'time out'.  Maybe King George the Third should have sent the rebellious colonists into the other world, without recourse except to stand on their own two feet. It sure would have been less costly in the long run, in blood and treasure. 

    To make sure those of us still volunteering and working know all the bad stuff about the departed members and why we shouldn't have any truck with them ever again - they send out letters, one of which I received today, and it just raised my ire. and I wondered again how people get so rude, uncaring and merciless. Doesn't really matter, I am only an old fat man back in the corner of the world and I wish all the parties all the best for all their best. No need for shunning or shouting or chastising.  We really all can get along in Liberty - but it is easier if one is nice and thoughtful and respectful of differences and others.


  1. Some of those missives have been very entertaining

  2. Shooting oneself in the foot is contrary to the concept of always keeping the muzzle in a safe direction, yet there they go again.

  3. THAT is a pretty damning condemnation of the Appleseed group. And for them to actually send out the letters is probably setting themselves up for liable.

  4. The group is still a fine organization, there are elements in it that will seed its destruction, kind of like the Libertarian Party, being a libertarian is easy and fun, becoming part of a party means you don't understand Liberty as much as you should.