Monday, May 25, 2015

What do you think they have to talk about? Nothing interesting they are too old...

  By dividing our lives by peer groups, education levels, genders, professions and so many other categories we miss a lot of truths.  Two young hip people talking about the latest fun, fad or foolishness may glance at two elder folks and in a break in their busy texting and conversations, make that remark - what do they have to talk about - and a response - nothing interesting, they are too old...

  The younger folks have missed the truth, they aren't looking at two old folks, kindly thought of as Seniors in modern America, and as 'grand folks, fathers and mothers' in other cultures.  They don't understand they are looking at surviving veteran Time Travelers.  Yes, you think you know what Woodstock was about, but some of them were there, and they could tell you what it was really like. Or when one of your friends does something really stupid and dies for no good reason, they can likely tell you what it was like when that happened to them, but I don't think they will. I think they have a mission not just to travel into our future until it is time for them to report, but not expose the youngsters to the most terrible things that men will do to men when they go really wrong.

   We are all time travelers, marching ever onward towards the end of the journey. As we stop playing with toys and tots and grow into adults why we do things, what might be better, what didn't work in the past and no reason to think it will work now -- all those questions and challenges may have answers found in those elder time travelers, ask them before they slip into memories and silence.

   It is the day to remember the dead, one whole day a year to remember people that gave up time travel for a duty to protect their loved ones, the future, an idea long repressed, or just lost it trying to make a difference and bring peace. You would have to ask the other surviving time travelers about it, the ones that didn't keep traveling on, they are reporting to the higher authority.

   Here on Earth, in the United States of America, here you could walk the gardens of stones, listen to politicians or catch the remaining family talking about the person named on the Memorial or written upon the marker. I hope it brings them a little peace, an important part of the Time Traveler is to reflect and remember the fallen, the departed, the ones that gave purpose and texture to our lives in love, and laughter. We wished for them to linger longer - but the pace is constant and it doesn't make long stops anywhere except in the mind of the Time Traveler, until they wake up to find it has all changed while they slept. Ah, Time Traveler, make sure that recliner and other serious distractions DO NOT get in the way of your participation, you are on a mission - to observe and report, to adjust and overcome, and to constantly enrich the journey before you, too, drop out to report.

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  1. That is an interesting approach Earl, and I think you're actually exactly right. We ARE time travelers... And no the kids never listen!