Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Define yourself, your life, your country and your choices...

  Maybe we don't do enough looking into our mirror, we don't want to see what we have become nor acknowledge that it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, because you aren't in the grand scheme of things, are you?

  Rifleslinger was looking at many things, measuring and analyzing and working on more better for the longest time. His admirers thought it was great he was doing it, and isn't that a nice way he did that.. or this.. how does he find the time? You do realize this is my story, my blog and I am telling it my way.  He was never wrong, but sometimes mistaken, but he could work it out and come back at it from a different angle.  A young man with energy and passion, why would he do otherwise?

  I am still trying to find the meaning of Liberty, honor, manliness, gentleman, meek, good, bad, and such. They (who think they must be obeyed and are correct) keep redefining what it means to be American, I think it is great to be an American, even in the broadest sense of the word (everyone in North and South America). My brother is ashamed of all that was done in the name of America - killing civilians, corporate cuddling, and tons of other bad stuff trumpeted by those of a different point of view.  I know that humans are sinners, do not accept blame for their sins, nor do I define my country, America, by the criminals selling drugs and shooting up rival biker gangs, or disobeying the strict gun control in Chicago along with other laws and killing their neighbors and innocents. I just thank God that I am not a fool of their disorder.  And I look for my own to fix, address and correct or make good enough, good being the easier than perfect to achieve consistently. But the truth that hurts the fools the most, America and Americans have done wonderful things for civilization, PEACE, prosperity, opportunity and the future -- so I am an American and proud to be one.

  A Facebook friend found no money in his bank account today, it had been cleaned out. That is bad, really bad, how can that happen? Did we make it too easy to move money electronically? around the world, across town? Is it an attack by ISIS or Russian Organized crime or just the neighborhood youth with too much time on the computer and he is only playing? I am hoping it all works out, as he mentioned he has no money for lunch now. Dillinger would have left him a few bucks, but then Dillinger was an honorable thief, or something like that.

1960 Fifty years of Marriage and their posterity, Will and Beulah Dungey
  Did you question getting out of bed this morning? There are many things to fear out there, and you could die from any of them at any time, the government is only really trying to take care of its own, which does seem to be the elected class and those connected to the same. But I am cynical, or should that be spelt 'SINinCal' (nope, that looks like a word for modern California). Well, time to go to the YMCA, otherwise it would be movies or FOXNews and death by degrees of reclineritis.


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