Monday, March 3, 2014

How do you speak up, stand up and show up?

There are troubling areas in the world, Ukraine comes to my mind. Not independent enough, and the Russians really have always had a vested interest in keeping the Black Sea fleet Russian. Warm water ports being few for Russia, no matter global warming fears of the West, they don't think the North Pole will warm enough to build ice free zones. About the Ukraine, I suggest that the President send the FBI Hostage rescue team to defuse the situation and save the Ukrainian citizens. Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco?

Okay, they would be a bit outgunned by the Russians, have you noticed the cool uniforms the Russian army is sporting now? Things change while we play on the internet, on the golf course, watching the Oscars.

Of note to me was the fine article about Argentina's decline over a hundred years. And don't think it isn't happening here. If you really pay attention we once could go to the Moon, now, we have to worry about terrorists crashing our aircraft, since we have a very unarmed and unaware  population We can't even get our Astronauts to the International Space Station without the Russians. More government, less work, more regulation less safety, more taxes and more poor people.

I really wanted to talk about God or Guns while I spent waiting time among people in the hospital. God because I am getting closer to my time running out here on earth. But of course, having mild manners not being in a church or on a range I never disturbed the focus of the professional staff nor patients. Guns because someone in that hospital knows where a 1903-A3 is and would part with the knowledge. One question constantly asked was if I were allergic - which has always been 'No'. But when they removed the sealed dressing on Saturday, the adhesive had burned my skin and I have four extra areas to heal now.

I was debating while at church yesterday if I should go to Ukraine to help with Liberty (they do have beautiful women there). Or Connecticut. Since they have no idea what Liberty is about, having elected fools and folly to protect them from folks that don't obey the laws against murder, breaking and entering and matricide. There is a law against matricide and infanticide in Connecticut, isn't there?

Anyway, since there is a need to have more ARs, with thirty round magazines in them in the hands of law abiding citizens in Connecticut so they will have overwhelming prison populations I suggest chartering buses and loading them with American people with the right to keep and bear arms and driving through New Jersey and New York and New York City to Connecticut to be arrested in mass demonstrations of civil disobedience.  I don't think even Fox News would cover it, but it would be worth showing up on the Green to make the point the law is stupid. They don't prosecute the laws they have now on the books.

Maybe I should just heal up, then hit the Appleseed trail again, and continue to spread the message and the skills. The media isn't, the politicians hardly know more then the good old boy hunting or shooting clubs or the NRA ranges and museums. Are all the real Americans outside of the Left Coasts and DC? Bible thumping and shooting spoken here? This is America.

Oh, I did see the movie, Son of God, and the book is better. When asked about it I said it was fine for those that don't study the Bible, it is based on the Gospel of John, but it is for those that really haven't read the book but are looking for the ending or Cliff note edition.  Like an Appleseed, it is supposed to stir the participant into further study, reflection and inquiry. Improving one's life one experience at a time.

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  1. Concur on the Conn thing... and yes deeper study of the Bible is always a GOOD thing!