Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A little wine, a little brandy and thee...

Spending much time reading, finding that one of the new former REP of the French Foreign Legion thinks the Legion is a bit too Spartan, too controlled and just not fun all the time. Since he was in another military unit for four years he has grounds for his disappointment. I will tell him, if we were ever to meet and talk, that what he was doing was very much what most of the world's military was like after World War II. Not much fun at all, the military isn't supposed to be fun.

I finished today watching Chariots of Fire, again. I like owning so many videos that I like to see, over and over. Like old favorite books, showing you something a little bit new with each visit. Tomorrow I will pay my bills and send off the checks, might even go shopping for groceries, gasoline and 22LR bricks. Get a good night's sleep for one never knows what tomorrow might bring. Still waiting in wonder about the illegal gun restrictions of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. But that was if anyone really pays attention to the Constitution, like it was the law of the land. Too many elites believe they are above the law, and that they are in power, empowered to make everyone else miserable and poor. But we are lucky, we could be living in Russia where they know who the gangsters are but can't arrest them, for they are in charge. Good night!

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  1. Take it easy, do what you need, and GOOD LUCK finding .22... sigh