Thursday, February 27, 2014

Take this and shove it... stupid people everywhere, gosh, I must be one...

Good morning, America and those few states that fear guns more than irate citizens - the ones that don't understand that the Constitution is over all, equally. To not have slavery, is the exactly the same as to not infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Exactly.

I was thinking, since I am just a piece of meat to my medical providers (once they know that they will be paid) that I should go to Connecticut, buy an AR (which is not my favorite rifle - forever) and walk around with thirty round magazines (not my favorite size nor design) filled with bullets of proper caliber. Just waiting for arrest, then the state can pay for all my medical procedures and my defense is based on the Federal Constitution. Much better idea than the running away on a three speed bicycle to join Castro fighting the dictator Batista in Cuba. God, that mountain is so big and this boy is so small.... thank the Lord.

Anyway I am being musicked by computer as I wait for a real human to connect me to Tracy, the lovely young (they all are) technician in the pacemaker maintenance shop in Doctor Lau's practice. He won't talk to me, just wants to do what he did wrong the first time, one more time! Why would I, a thinking human being, have a failure do it again, why? I am blogging about waiting for a human being. Don't I hate being me watching my blood pressure rise as I try not to kill everything in my path. I did get angry, poor lady was just trying to do her job, the computer is in the way, or wonderfully protective, or I could just hang up and go far away. Or I could send the link to this blog to the customer service representative - who will put it in the stack of complaints for the manager to look over and fix, or file, or try to build some more barriers to human interaction.... or just go to the YMCA and sweat. That one sounds like a winner. If they open me up again they will try to regulate my life more - since it wasn't their fault I don't sit in the recliner or lay on the bed or couch enough. Don't I know I am an old piece of meat?

As I worried about getting another failed procedure yesterday I thought about shopping to make my Blues go away... not shoes or some bright colored frocks. Rifles. I have an interest in bolt actions and was trying to find some other old shooter that would part with an 1903-A3, or I could go and set a standard size, Ruger American rim fire rifle, clean a bit plastic but in my cost range (haven't completely left the reservation). I stopped at Creedmore Rifle sales and could backorder a 1903.

I just gave up on the hospital call, I shouldn't have shocked and frightened the nice lady trying to do her job, if the doctor wants a patient instead of a piece of meat I will get called today. Or maybe not, just doesn't matter to me. My only problem was passing out in January at the YMCA, stop going to the Y would have cured that. But I liked going to the YMCA, can't have all that I like.

Later same day.... I am to report to admitting at 11:30 AM, for admittance to the procedure at 13:30 for the operation not later than six that evening... or so, spend long uncomfortable hours waiting for the nurse to bring me some more pills from my normal medications. No more eating and drinking after midnight tonight, have someone pick me up on Saturday, since they are sure I can't drive myself. Since I am in a good mood I go look for my life insurance policies for if I don't make it this time, find them. I also look for my passport, which I note runs out in 2015, but I think we should have free border crossings by then, don't you? Ah, well, it is all good, trust in the LORD and do apologize to everyone you meet for all the bad behavior, there really is no excuse for anger that isn't righteous.


  1. Thoughts and prayers they get it right THIS time Earl!

  2. I was a much better patient this time, my wife dropped me off at the hospital, to be back at 13:00 the following day. I said thank you a lot, and asked only one beautiful nurse if she was married, the doctor impressed me with the pounding on my pacemaker as he rewired me to the borg, the NSA has all my heart data now. I told the doctor and the nurses I had to be picked up by one, started removing their connections in plenty of time for dressing for my wife. I am home, no exercise for my upper body for the month of March, sigh. Take it easy, speedo season isn't until May around here... and the doubled knife scar on the chest is so James Bond now.