Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You know, nothing went according to plan for me today...

So, I should just whine and holler about how unfair life is...

But I did meet the most charming, attractive and nice young lady from Ukraine, with just a touch of accent, braids, boots and beautiful smile. Made me wish I were a young fool again, but luckily no one granted that whim. Still I did get her attention most of my day where she worked. There is hope for the world's future.

While in the hospital, finally done with my appointment, (now knowing my pacemaker battery will go for twelve years if nothing else changes, the wiring is sound and can be adjusted by competent medical staff with equipment - if I die the pacemaker will wear itself out early trying to get my heart beat above zero) I was walking down the hall and saw an older man with an 82nd Airborne ball cap on... so I stopped and talked about our time in the Division and at Fort Bragg.  He was in during the 50s and had spent time on the beach in Lebanon back then -- y'all remember that don't you? Great conversation, I even got introduced to his wife when she showed up. We talked jumping out of perfectly good aircraft, his older than mine. Good conversations.

I also stopped at a library and read a whole Robert Parker, printed after his departure, pretty good, although I am almost sure he would have taken a bunch more words out of the finished product. Vinnie and Hawk were as awesome as ever.

So, I do hope you like my day when it didn't go my way - as a finish, in the mail is a nice package of new photographs of the grandchildren and our son and daughter-in-law. Can't beat a day like today - not even if I had planned it.


  1. Glad things are going well for you. I was shocked to see that Robert B. Parker had passed....oh, no!

  2. Glad your 'tune up' went well, and let's hope you have to go back for a battery change in 10 years!!!