Monday, February 10, 2014

I have found the fountain of youth...

Nah, not really, and I am not interested. Watching 'Traffic' which is how the lost culture of America destroyed itself - chemically. The War on Drugs. Makes one think they don't know it all yet, do they? But since they were defeated by godless Communists in Vietnam, and Hugh Hefner degraded all women to Playmates of the Month or two, we should legalize drugs --- or that seems to be the way they are moving.

Since I don't follow the godless Communists, Hugh Hefner, nor the government that thinks legalization will increase the tax base and won't harm the rest of the sober industrious - which they are already taxing - life will be good for the fools in charge. It is very easy to stop illegal activities, make everything legal.

That isn't going to happen, and it isn't everyone that will become a drug addict or alcoholic, or rapist, or murderer. I think I know what will stop the traffic in drugs, guns, and un-pasturized milk. When they haven't any customers. Just like the evil cigarettes and the tobacco products - no customers no profit. Well, enough of my crazy idea that people are supposed to be more responsible than the law allows. I mean, even almost saintly I, I have had whole un-pasturized milk, it was good. Do you supposed there are other things the government doesn't want us to use and know about that won't harm us nor anyone else?

Only did two rides on the bicycle today, but that was only thirty minutes worth of expercise. I did get my heart rate up to 149(?) and averaged 83 or 97 during the rides. I don't believe the 149, it is only a machine, it could have gotten it wrong. Will check with the doctor tomorrow. While at the YMCA, waiting for my wife to finish her time in the water, I found my perfect olde man challenge, a Triathlon! Called 'TRI BEYOND YOUR LIMITS',   So for fifteen dollars I can, swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and run 26.3 miles. And be a rusty man  I would be allowed five weeks to finish it at my own pace. Starts March 17 to April 25.

My only problem is paying fifteen dollars for the opportunity, usually one would be offered a t-shirt with cool design. I haven't seen one offered.

Oh, the fountain of youth, just a couple blocks from the Hungarian Home and the High School, and close to the movie theater, in Ligonier of my youth. Google Ligonier, PA and go for images, I didn't see it. But then I left in 1970 on my way to Vietnam, and my family was moving to Morgantown, WV.

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  1. Glad you're getting back on the 'horse' so to speak... Keep it up Earl!