Thursday, February 13, 2014

01:30 here and why am I awake?

Heavy constant rains, gurgling in the gutters and down the drain spouts, soaking the soil. Which the Caravan will make fine ruts.  My wife is hiking in the morning with her group, it will be raining. I will go and do another light work out at the YMCA, a few more kilometers on the rowing machine, most of the cardio will come from hot ladies in yoga pants and the bicycle which only faces a concrete block wall and has the video screen to divert me.

Final cleaning, greasing of the M1 tomorrow - I ought to find a name for that rifle, except I have never named my rifles. Should name them all, but then I might have conversations with them. I have had two calls to confirm my appointment on Friday, I have finished my form for the last rifle I purchased, since I hadn't used my whole middle name when I filled it out.

Should be a fine weekend in Oregon shooting known distance on Douglas Ridge Rifle range, I will go slow, don't need to cause myself any problems and I want to make every shot count. Since I have been taking some long hard naps, I guess I don't need as much time asleep - best start reading again. NFO is about to release his book, which I will likely get in kindle and hard cover. He bought me lunch once and I have read the beta versions and I liked it.

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  1. Thanks Earl, and you're on the list to get a copy! :-)