Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It is so hard to be humble...

when you are perfect in every weigh... or was that way?

I am not perfect in any way, but I sure am all me... which will always make me humble. OldNFO was having and interesting conversation that he shared about perceptions of military family members and their military members differences from those that weren't. It made me think about how alone you are in the foxhole when your combat buddy is grabbing some sleep, that stuff they don't issue. Then in your darkness and fear you might be listening and find God there... you might. So you aren't alone. And when you are hot you are hot, and high speed no drag and suddenly you meet Murphy, and Murphy is always there, always. So you have two constant companions. The more familiar you get with each of them, the better your life can become... but you still have to take the shot.

At Home on the Range sad news, but I will go with my mother - what kind of Heaven would it be if dogs weren't allowed. You can gauge how much a human loves you, we learn early, but our animal friends have gone far beyond in their love for us, not being an entirely reasoning selfish person... I am not a hugging person, but she would get one for her loss.

What is life? it is the adventure of becoming what we will and can't be. Do love a lot, the adventure is better that way.

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  1. Thanks Earl, and yes there are NO atheists in foxholes, or in combat period...