Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, first day at the range...

So after coffee and breakfast I put the rifle in the Caravan and drove to the range and took point sixteen on Range 15. My goal was to become better with my Marlin 795 LTR.  Knowledge can go along way to making a shooter a rifleman with what he brought to shoot.

I started with Federals and wasn't happy, so I switched to Federal Champions, which seemed to work better. I was having some issues with the ejection not completing before feeding another round. So I looked hard at the ejector and put some leverage on it to bend it slightly to where I thought it should be. Suddenly I had a real semi-automatic rifle. I made some sight adjustments, D12 L4, then shot another target then D8, then shot another target and then R1. And I had not used the sling yet.

Finally, I moved the shooting bench, laid a mat down, and slung up and shot two five round magazines.

I am such an old fellow, still I was happy enough. To bring it all back home. Until the next time, I sure do need more practice, come on weather, just about ten degrees better and we will be rocking. I know I am old by the number of AR platforms on the rifle side of the range. So out of touch. And the communist rifles and bullets.

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