Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ah, I have arrived at that old eccentric great uncle of wars no longer remembered...

A young lady I once knew, told me she had a great uncle that had fought in the Boxer Rebellion, now I knew, in 1966, there was no way a great uncle of such a beautiful young lady could have fought in the Boxer Rebellion. That was way back in the 19th Century, forever ago.  If he had been a young eighteen years old, adding another sixty-six years meant he had to be at least eighty-four. Yep, and he probably was, gosh I wish I could have talked to him. I keep forgetting my grand parents were all born in the 19th Century. Time barriers are so artificial, and mostly it is because we are so central to our lives that the past is to laugh about, or wonder upon.

The eccentric part I always thought was great, mind a little twisted by age or whatever, always not in sync with the latest trends and news and cultural waves, a funny old fellow to laugh at. I have been waking to the soft lights and glitter of the Christmas Tree in the living room, and it welcomes me warmly every morning, I am beyond the gifts just want the warm goodness waiting me in the darkness. I like it so much I toy with the idea I should just leave it up, I know there is another Christmas down the road of time, eleven months - no one visits - no one will notice if I wait until the blinds are drawn to light the tree, it will then be waiting for me, every morning. Christmas spirit all year, and that can't be bad, can it? Eccentric old man, there was a Paladin episode (see I really can remember things not too many talk about now) where an old man was defending his little spread from a bully and big rancher and called on Paladin to defend him. Have Gun Will Travel. He would have trouble taking his guns to town today, but that was then, and Paladin showed up and defended the old fool in court, explaining away all the eccentric behaviors as a fine relationship with the shortening of his remaining life and the joy of small things.

Cold outside, will roll the sleeping bag up, and take the rifle to the range. Pictures and report to follow. I was watching The Man from Snowy River and My Fair Lady yesterday. Got tired of Hollywood violence.

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