Monday, January 6, 2014

There are rules and laws... and my wife will make more rules

Everyone seems to want rules, law. They say it is good because Man is evil, or can't be controlled in their desires and lusts, or just because that makes it seem safer - if everyone is playing by the rules.

Establishing my own rules works best for me, no one cares what they are as long as they don't seem to affect anyone else. When I decide to expand my rules to those I am working with or living with, we will have adjustments, but can still get along.

There are hundreds of laws, adjustments and rules no one is paying attention to... because they are written in dead languages of civilizations or of people that no longer exist. They even had laws and rules that no one wrote down, just oral traditions.

We all end up living by our own code of rules, things we won't do, things we must do.  So in the end where is it felt that folks so far away can make more rules I am not paying attention to, in languages I don't speak about things I already know I won't do, ever?


  1. Replies
    1. Good manners aren't rules, they may be taught as rules but they aren't forced upon anyone.

  2. Earl, it's ALL about control... When they are reasonable and rational, and local to you/your house, that is one thing. When someone far away does a 'blanket' rule about something that directly impacts you without your input, that is control...

    1. For them it is about control, for me - all my rules are about Earl's Liberty, and that is a fine thing.