Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I recommend the movie LONE SURVIVOR

Since I am just me, and no one really pays too much attention to me I still say it is a great movie.

A WAR movie, very.

It has been attacked as propaganda - which is really the reason I saw the movie before reading the book. Normally I do it the other way.

I can see where the call of 'propaganda' came from, it was from some one that has no personal value system, that doesn't understand the military, the Special Operations community, and certainly has no real idea of what Afghanistan is nor ever has been.

I will own the DVD as soon as it comes out. Even the special effects guys got most of the explosions right, not all of them but most. Great movie, sad story but heroic on so many levels. I do recommend seeing it.


  1. My sister told me I needed to see it - and in a movie theater instead of waiting for the DVD.

  2. Hope to see it soon with my dad, having read so much about how well done it is. Thanks for your valued take!

  3. Thanks, this is one of the few I'm willing to actually pay to see.

    1. RPX sounds were awesome for Jeffro, but the movie will carry on DVD just fine. I liked seeing it on the big screen, I liked the crowd watching intently and I will still buy it. Because it is one I will want to see again, and again. You have no idea how many times I watch some movies.