Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fears, you just have to realize they are fears... based on brain activity or hurt...

So I have fears. Not as many as many, but enough that I feel normal and responsive to what could happen, and how to make it better before the battle I fear.

I made a lot of folks, that don't know me, worried just enough when I passed out, but my doctor and the doctors that really checked me out only fear one remaining thing - that I won't listen to their professional advice.  That I do understand. The heart doctor from the Army Hospital called yesterday, and then again today. I was home and answered today with all the responses he wanted and one he wasn't ready for, but he said he would look into it. I believe he will and fix it. I trust him.

Fear of returning to exercise, not mine, so I did, but I did it in little efforts not some hard charging damn the torpedoes full speed ahead... mode. It felt fine, I really am at the age that a little romance would go so much farther than fourteen human reproductive acts. It is the same with exercise, keep moving, it doesn't count only if not moving, the days of repeating marathon training sessions and karate practice drills over and over are gone - not needed. I have been there, done that, and still have t-shirts and trophies for my best. Same with exercise. Now some of my doctors don't know, but my personal physician does and he is okay with my check up and testing. I can't fix all their fears but I don't have to share them, nor restrict myself to their fears zones.

So I avoid New York, California, Colorado, New Jersey and now Maryland. They fear me, I understand that Maryland has a list of proper pistol carriers and is ambushing them when they enter the state. There you go, allowing yourself to be restricted by the fears of the different state protective services, or local jack booted uniformed thugs. I do think that race played a big part in the ambush, fear you know. But Maryland, is now on my list, and I have been there armed before. Fears.

Now the National Rifle Association has a mission statement, that Harvey Weinstein has never read, but he knows what they do so he is making a movie that will cause the NRA to wish it were DEAD. When they listed all the terrorist propaganda entertainment movies that man makes - I was thinking he is shooting himself in the foot (or head?). The Lawyers will get to sue him for promoting terrible gun handling that seems to produce dead bodies all over the place, which is what he thinks the NRA does. Not because he knows anything about firearms, just how to peddle porn - gun porn, sex porn it is all the same to him, all he needs is the money. So he is going to make a movie that only stupid liberals will watch to see the truth about the NRA. The smart liberals will stay home. They fear what exists, not what doesn't exist. I will have to check and see, but I am betting that I don't own any of his movies in video or dvd, although I know I have seen a couple - but the gun violence and martial arts were not very good. Actually, I do own a couple, but even bad people do good things some times.

Seeing how the market is, when the stocks of the gun industry tank (which they won't) I would be buying like crazy. Actually, why couldn't I get 22lr again today? I have been good. But maybe I don't fear the famine enough yet, I still have bows and arrows, so patient I am. No fear!

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  1. Yeah, good luck with the .22... I'm sure you got the email from CMP on the backorder status- 3 years to fill all the .22 orders...