Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I wonder where yesterday went...

Bad start for the week was Monday. And I don't even have a place I was supposed to report to for work or something. My gym bag was packed and waited by the door. But I was out of it. Two bowls of oatmeal for the day as I had a very upset stomach, then after another six hours of fitful sleep I was on to steak and green beans.

I did my rowing 6.2 miles in 56 min 36 seconds. Stop and get a drink, measure BP and Hr and then go for the Bike. Pick the 13.5 mile course and pedal away, getting over fifty-five seconds ahead of my personal best. But on the down hill side the ghost starts to catch me and finally does at about ten miles, about the same time I am slowing down, tired and sweaty and a bit under the weather. I want to go and sleep. That was when I woke, wondering how that guy got in my house, oops! I am still attached to the pedals, get free, lay there having everyone wonder if I am okay, what is my name, do I hurt anywhere (just my pride). Well, I had decided to keep going when I should have stopped. My blood pressure and circulation wasn't meeting all demands and when the brain is drained it shuts down, kind of like the Federal government, no one in charge, everyone sleeping it off.

The bike shut down when there was no more activity, I thought I had lost all my electronic exercise - I was competing to complete the Titan Challenge, 5000 calories burned off in January. Well, I was told to lay still, and the medical alert guys from the Fire Department were on the way. What was my name, when was I born, where did I live, what was my telephone number, was there anyone to call? Nice concerned worried people. The medics got there, more professional worried people - by this time I was cracking jokes and trying to wipe the concern away from their faces. I only look old I am still thirty-five inside, just a conservative thirty-five. The closest hospital emergency room was where they wanted to take me, I told them Madigan would be better, and they liked that.

So one took my locker key, got all my stuff out of the locker, took my Caravan and parked it near the emergency room and gave me back my keys. All the data, was entered into an iPad, radio contact with receiving emergency rooms, details of event (how do you keep from being a problem - when you wake up -RUN away and escape!).  I wasn't allowed to walk, gurney and wheel chair, lots of blood work, continuous monitoring, one IV drip, more nurses and doctors than anyone should need in a day - how I impressed them. Well, I didn't stop breathing or my heart pumping, although one doctor asked if they could shock me back into rhythm or do chest compressions, and put an oxygen tube down my throat. Which I told her sounded like a threat but sure if I needed either. Her husband and she transferred recently from Fort Bragg, 82nd Airborne, and I had to ask if he was adjusting to working at half speed. She knew immediately what I was talking about. After a deployment she told me that 'we would get a command' which I told her was a great way to think about that. Not that the Medical Corps doesn't have its own command structure and she as a Captain would get promoted one day and might become a commander - I don't really know how they pick commanders outside of the combat arms.

I got some chest x-rays which they compared with the last set they had done on me, they found the same question they had the last time and suggested two more tests for that, after I see my family doctor and check in with him. They know something about ornery old men, and made me promise three or four ways to cooperate with their concerns. So, they took the needle out of my arm, the monitoring was turned off and I got my stuff and wandered the parking lot looking for my Caravan, which was where he had said it would be, luckily I was one of the few. Drove home, picked up the mail, ate mondu soup, had coffee and watched a video. Then checked my exercises in the computer and find on the list - they gave me credit for starting the run. "1/14/2014      Totals: 11.1 Miles 446 Calories 0 Chase Score
Completed Laps" And now I have 2400 calories down, only 2600 left to go. 

Think I will now go to bed and get some sleep.


  1. Earl, that is pretty darned scary stuff....

  2. Only to folks that don't expect to see me sleeping on the job. I am sure that they need to reduce the Blood Pressure medicine so it would stay higher. But I have an appointment with my doctor, and will get the recommended tests done. Glad that the computer recorded the calorie burn.