Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Morning, America, seems we must change with the times...

Once there an American that changed the times, actually a whole lot of them. Watching briefly the MindlesslyStreamingMedia coverage of the almost Coronation of President Obama, I was caught by the appreciation of the fact that most of the 300 million plus People of America, haven't the time to be celebrating National Squirrel Appreciation Day, nor Martin Luther King, Jr Day (which I have always held should be Southern Heroes Day - to be more inclusive).

I continue to see that there are too many that fear the Power of the Pulpit, the Bully Pulpit, the Gun, God and good sense and good nature. Quaking in fear of those others, never knowing their name nor their intentions, finding faults, dwelling on flaws, and all the ways it can go wrong.

This weekend while others paraded in State Capitals (49 of 50?) I wandered through the dark and fog to find a small one room schoolhouse, in Venersborg Community, which Google may or may not find for you. Battle Ground, Washington was it.

Hosting was local, instructor was Hawkhavn from Indiana, had Oregonians, and Californians from Orange County (they still have rifles and shoots in California?) all meeting to hold an Instructor Boot Camp (don't worry a couple of more years and that name will be demilitarized to something in pastel). Where we could teach volunteers how to tell the heritage, the safety, the marksmanship and to spread the wealth. Almost said budding missionaries - but they have to go out to the masses of people that no longer know, do not appreciate and will never wonder why all those other countries have dictators, revolts, mass graves and massive grievances.

 I had a wonderful time, was respected for my ancient thoughts, laughed with for my foolery, and admired because I OWN an M1 GARAND, and would let someone hold it. Did I mention they had cookies and fine food?  Appleseed, the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, join us on the trail, at your library, range, and on the internet. Or any other fine shooting organization, where we understand that gun control is with four safety rules - and all rounds on target. Be responsible for your life, your community, your nation and our world. God bless all our best.
I would trust these fine folks, with your safety, education and encouragement.
I do know that life is too short to be fooled by my fears, or fueled by flames of the foolish. Become an American Rifleman then you will be prepared to account for all the variables in one discipline, marksmanship -- from there, the world is possible to build.


  1. Nice! Very nice Earl, glad y'all had a good time!

  2. It's nice to see that you talk about the almost coronation of Obama in the same way that you talked about the almost coronation of George, Jr. (George III to you at the time). Plu ca change, plus c'est la meme. (Sorry about the lack of correct French notation.)

    1. "Watching briefly the MindlesslyStreamingMedia coverage of the almost Coronation of President Obama"

      That must be what you were talking about, notice how quickly I mentioned that MOST of America had something else to do?

      I didn't remember discussing George Bush's celebrations.

      And I don't have any French that wasn't adopted by the English, not hardly of Norman heritage.

      I hope you got to stay to the point that I had a great time with other people and rifles. Which had much to do with why I bothered to share.