Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Coming out of my illness kind of...

   Like to pretend to be gaining health and function back, humor me.  I feel fine, eating normally, wife is making some fine food, so I am blessed by the bounty in my little old life with my little old lady. We laugh at much we do and think, but no one is waiting on us nor paying us much attention.

   Tucker Carlson has written a book about the long slide in print media, journalism mainly. I will find it interesting.  I really like his three conversations a week on FoxNation.com. I am waiting for all the commercials to lessen, but am sure someone is paid to make the needed promotions so every one will know what is next.

   As I tried to fall asleep tonight, after my wife finished watching WWENXT, I started going over my long ago life from 1966 high school graduation, which was a big deal, to my parents and my uncle and aunt and two cousins. Uncle Lynn had done a cool thing, flown his plane out to the Airport and called Dad, who managed that airport once upon a time. Anyway they came to see me graduate and ignore them cause I had a girl friend. I was really a sad case of self interest. Uncle Lynn and Aunt Irene visited my wife and son when I was waiting for the elder Bush to give the Go light to Desert Storm. I really liked anyone visiting my family, they all tried to help my wife figure out where the money was supposed to go, you know bills I wasn't around to juggle.

First back from Desert Storm to an empty Ft Bragg

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