Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Make sure you vote, it will wipe out mine...

   I have been long against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as candidates for President, but then always knew the major political parties were not looking for anything but money and a vote from me. And I was leaning towards Gary Johnson, but then he thinks that abortion is not medical murder, but he is more politician than scientist. So I can always fall back on writing my name in for the office, William Earl Dungey, and encourage everyone else (all six of you reading this blog) to write my name in, too.  This could be noted as the year I ran for the highest office in the land.

   I won't complain that the system or the election is rigged, I witnessed Ron Paul's run in the Republican Primary of 2012, and know it is rigged - and the party is fool enough to think that its platform was more important than the candidate. If they had brought Ron Paul into their future that year, about three million believers in his vision would have taken Romney over Obama.

   We have several other parties and candidates here in Washington State on our ballot for President.  Interesting but not for me. I like Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn, so when I find no one writing my name in I could decide to write their names in the correct empty block on my ballot.  Exciting times running for President without too much lying on my part, nor lots of women commenting on how I demeaned them years ago and far away. I know how to handle sensitive material and own no personal server, don't have a smart cell phone and try to leave little behind as I wander the world except for pleasant memories.


  1. I'm not telling anyone HOW to vote, I just want them to actually go vote! Exercising that right is important! Now more than ever!

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