Sunday, October 16, 2016

I am in so much turmoil, what to do, what to do...

   I like to pretend I am a responsible law-biding citizen, so I am in conflict of how to vote at my kitchen table.

   You know I avoid answering the telephone, unless it is my wife's mobile number calling or one of her friends or the doctor's office.  So the only polling was the Trump Campaigns' questionnaire about what I thought the election or the candidate should do for me.  Since I have only two points to be concerned about (guns and abortions) I am boring.  If the elected representatives would really make sure a dollar was always worth a dollar, I would be happy. That is the best the government can do for the economy. Everything else is restrictive or just outright theft.

   There are folks that think the government should provide free education, and for up to high school it is free - paid for by taxes on property mostly, but then teachers unions got real greedy - not the teachers, just the unions.  Votes for dollars and restrictions on alternate educations, certifications and testing standards... silly unions and politicians. I did notice I had a fine education in public schools, but in today's world I would just live in the library, and would be so much smarter.  By the way young people there are several fine institutions of higher learning, built by the government to get some quality peasants into the officer corps (don't ask President Obama to read that last word). Those fine institutions are free, pay a wage, set high standards and have produced some really fine citizens and some real fools in service.

   Anyway, how many people are answering the poll takers and makers?  If the media is in the tank for one party or idea or another, why would you think the pollsters wouldn't be affected?  No one is using my blog or even my Facebook fantasies to see where I am going to vote, and I am not alone - there are others hiding from giving a free picture for the mosaic that the pollsters are getting paid to make pretty and sell loudly.  So a representative sample I don't think they have, but they sound good and keep folks watching for the latest shift.

   But I am troubled by the Ron Paul effect, so there is a candidate, who understands Liberty and smaller government and running for the Republican office. And he and his supporters get the legs cut out from under them everywhere, and because they and his ideas weren't really embraced by the Old Line Republicans almost two and a half million intelligent people sat out the elections, or voted on other stuff for other candidates. Romney goes down in defeat, you know the Democrats stuff the ballot boxes, drive voters around voting multiple times for the dead or someone that wasn't coming.

   So this year, the Republican Party isn't any smarter, or sharing of power, and has used millions against Trump or for their favorite candidate (normally someone that won't stop the rain of bribes and sponsorships).  But the voters prevailed and that is really frightening, all political parties count on uninformed voters and complacent citizenry.  They don't have them this year.  The Democratic Party is even more elitist, and will denigrate all you redneck, Jewish, Catholic and evangelicals -- they would talk badly about dinks and rag heads, too. They don't want to seem bigoted. In their internal voting for their primary, they stuffed ballot boxes, miscounted and are doing everything to get the first woman elected to President.  I have no problem voting for a woman - not every woman is Jezebel nor Mary.  But the woman I would vote for would shoot guns, not have promiscuous sexual liaisons and not support abortions (which I clearly see as medical murder of innocents).  Realizing my ideal female candidate couldn't be the star of a movie (no sex, no violence, no illicit romance for dramatic effect and stirring of lusts) I find that Americans would wonder at what kind of a woman was she really - since our values seem to come from Sodom and Gomorrah (or Hollywood).

   Ah, well, the point of my rant is that everyone should vote, really and not for a candidate you couldn't live with for the next four years.  There are reasons, MANY, not to vote for either major political party. The Europeans would tell you that our major parties are the same party and we are governed by rich special interests not by the needs and desires of the people. If either of the main political candidates are elected, it will be the final four years of the great American experiment. I expect either one to die of old age in office and then the VP will step up, and the slide will continue that is okay, only nuclear war will kill off enough population to destroy humanity, or a new plague.
Texas, California and New York City can break away and build anew.  When the grid fails, then we will all have to get to work, meet and work with the neighborhood to survive. Once the electronic noise is on mute, we will be able to think.... what did you say, dear?



  1. One needs to vote their own conscience...

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