Thursday, August 18, 2016

I wish you all well, really, take care out there.....

  A woman calls me awake from my dreams, a commanding attention voice - she knows me enough to make it work. I lay in the darkness thinking about the coming day. Dividing it into pre-op, surgery where I won't know anything, and post-op.  Works for me as long as I get to post-op well... nothing to worry about, although I never did see the certification of the medical team involved.

  Still in darkness and awaiting and thinking, not going back to sleep. I get three of my medicines and a swallow of water to help them down... says so right here on my instructions. Aren't I happy I can read? Why, yes I am.

   What I am even happier about that I don't have any enemies. And immediately think of the Magnificent Seven and Conan, although there were a few periods in my life I was actually trying to end other's lives and they mine - we didn't even know our names. It was only business, Sonny.

   No drama, now, I get to sit on the porch in the rocker and watch the world pass me by.  There are those that have little real ideas that might hate me because I am an NRA member, or fear me because my parents didn't raise me right like their parents did, there are those that do keep calling my home to ask for my attention and money because someone has put me on a list of folks to contact.  I quit answering a while ago. Me and Alexander Graham Bell will have a few things to discuss...

  Ah, the light has arrived. I may continue on my preparations... hope to see you on the otherside.  Be well, and do good with lots of love... the LORD needs more and more.