Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ah, the Olympics in Rio... much better than watching the election cam'pain' in America...

   I don't think much of tribalism, it is necessary as a survival tactic in the wilds, but I do love best efforts... so I like to watch the Olympics, even the sports I don't understand are interesting.  What I have done mostly is mute the talking heads, good music in the background and a book to get back to on the commercial interruptions. I don't care how many gold medals anyone wins, how many Olympics competed in, this one and this effort that is a moment I can share and smile about.

  The professional lawn crew attacked the yards and they look so good, I may never push a mower again (if I won the Lottery). The panic of the modern males of this Century, over not having the hand strength of their grandfathers being blamed on many things. The truth is the ladies don't either -- my mother sifted flour, kneaded bread dough and hand washed the dishes until her children got big enough to share. What makes any modern person think we get fat from only calories eaten and not in the lack of calories burned doing 'stuff'? Once walked around, now we drive, walked to school in first through sixth grades, walked to the Little League practice.  All the tools my dad used were hand tools, no batteries and seldom power cords.

  Our lives changed with power and light, in many ways for the better and others not so much. We need to rely on our abilities to survive, and live well.  Find your place and work it well.


  1. Some amazing performances, no question. And agreed on the power tools, although I do still have my father's tools and chest.

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