Saturday, June 25, 2016

So you go to Men's Bible Study for prayer and fellowship...

   And as we wait for our leader, who went back to get the hymn books, an old Special Forces guy talks about gun politics that he doesn't think belong in America. Another man says he is going to get a gun, and he wanted to know what I thought about a pistol for less than a hundred and fifty dollars, giving him my no where near expert opinion, I told him he should be willing to pay more for quality especially if he thought it would be to defend himself and his loves.  Another fellow asked how many times had he needed a firearm in the past - which drags up the whole I have a right conversation.

   I do mention that no one should do anything from fear, and tomorrow we will look at his schedule for an opportunity for us both to go shopping for his gun. The leader shows up and we go into the Bible Study and where Jesus says that having hate or unforgiveness in your heart is just like murder. Which was a great place to go with this feisty group of old men that still think they are 'guys'.

   I was able to steer the conversations towards truths, not ever mentioned on media nor by the pushy powerful pretenders on their thrones of self importance.  It was agreed that most of America doesn't need a firearm, but when they might there isn't anytime to get a gun, training or a lawyer if the shooter was wrong. It was also very true that most of these Christian men don't trust the government any farther than they can throw them... which isn't very far. Found another .32 caliber rimfire revolver, a closet keeper far from the box of ammunition which is likely as old as the piece. What we get from long ago and far away from where we are now.  My grandfather's knife, pistol and Holy Bible are not as important to me as my memory of my grandfather coming to our house with our dog and two pheasants and a shotgun under his arm, and they let me pick bird shot out of the bird in the basement. He was an American and not on anyone's list.


  1. Good points Earl, there IS a time to actually spend money on quality... :-)

  2. Good points Earl, there IS a time to actually spend money on quality... :-)