Thursday, June 30, 2016

Found at the library...

  The White Donkey, Terminal Lance, graphic novel by Maximilian Uriarte (good work, sad story).  God's War; A New History of the Crusades by Christopher Tyerman to be followed by Holy War; How Vasco Da Gama's Epic Voyages turned the tide in a Centuries-Old Clash of Civilizations by Nigel Cliff.   That should quiet my quest for more about how we got to this point.

   I have decided to join Barack Obama in leaving off the name of the religion associated with the terrorists, ISIS and ISIL. Since there seem to be many blaming the NRA for guns and Christians for attacks on homosexuals or other groups of different than thou, I am starting to understand the pain of group mentioned for heightening fears of unknown but now blamed. The truly godless are constantly attempting to rip the soul away from the solace. If they can't have belief then no one else should either. And if media or madness can use God, NRA, Christian, Moslem or Satan to make you bend to their influence and fears - then they aren't alone in the void. Now there are at least two of you without an anchor in the storm.

   So, June is almost over, time to go out with a strong finish. Lovely internet, sent a hundred dollars recently found to the Salvation Army for West Virginia Floods 2016. Better than the Clinton fund, the Republican Party or the Democrat Party... at least my money will do good.

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  1. That it will, and the folks will appreciate it!