Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Choices, so many choices... how is one to know which is the right one?

  I am not talking about the Presidential election which the two major look like the other parties are running. You get two votes, one in the primary and one in the general election, and then the Electoral College will cast the deciding votes. Even if it were direct voting your vote is only one of many and you have three choices - the third being not to vote. I do hope you know why you are taking a stand and who or what you are voting upon... They, media and anti-gun goofs, have fooled many of the people much of the time. That won't be the final time someone lies to you, you haven't done enough research nor had enough failures to become smarter about what goes on in your life.

  Man is given commands to live by, rules to obey, or just good advice by God, parents, lovers, family and friends and of course by all the wonderful people in government. The ones that think they rule us or that are sure they are righter than we are.  Real life is often making a choice without rules, consultation or certainty of the ultimate effect of the choice, good or bad. Every action or inaction will produce results - time is flowing and the universe spinning and YOU are not in charge of anything except your choice.

  Evil is there and always working as hard as the Holy are, and in between the two are the future saints and sinners... I do hope we all make the correct choices, every day we should get up and make that bed... because we hope to come back and rest upon it...

  Oh, my personal opinion, if you are doing something because of your fear - then you should look at it and see if you could make a better choice from love. I would hold with the doing things with love, I have never been impressed with my petty fears in all my years.

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