Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Still waking too early to have any benefit from beauty sleep...

 This is the fiftieth year since I graduated, class of '66 from the Ligonier Valley Senior High School. The Mountaineers, applied to only two schools of higher learning Drexel and the University of Miami. Intending to study Metallurgy, kind of...  If you really knew me you might think that I wanted associated with that logo more than anything, but I don't think fifty years ago that was its logo.

  Drexel was just down Route 30, which made it too close to home, and I really hadn't considered the Pennsylvania Military Academy, but as they said, their last casualty of the Vietnam War was the Corps of Cadets in 1972.  But then my whole life would have been very different, if it hadn't happened the way it did.

  Getting better at using that bowl holder in the microwave for my breakfast oatmeal, nice, very nice.

   While eating I viewed the cable and find no excitement for this years Presidential primary nor the contenders.  Probably not going to get interested again until November.  I have trouble thinking that any of them are going to do a better job than I am, and I have a lot of my own goals to get under control - triggers being one of them, my relationship with the LORD, and stupidity that once made me so very angry now just makes me want to cry for their misery, especially those that have no idea what they are in my mind.  Too well brought up to mention it much? Yes, but recently it is much more the certain knowledge 'I can't fix stupid' not beyond my personal space, anyway. 

   Time to pack out the YMCA gear and head off to watch the MixxedFit class as I row, which always slows me down. I did a minute on Jacobs Ladder, need to do many more minutes of that each session, along with my normal stuff.  So much to do, so little time, and it does seem to be all my own... and I am talking to myself on the blog again. Take care out there.

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  1. Current events are hastening my efforts to get right with the Lord...