Friday, January 29, 2016

Get some muscle over here...

  Famous last words of the folks that don't do their own enforcement during confrontations. The college lady that thought people should be treated as enemies and terrorists, had to ask for muscle and I understand may be charged with inciting violence for those choice words.

  On the other hand, the FBI and OSP killed the old white man protesting government overreach in Oregon, like Waco, like Ruby Ridge. It will be written in History that the killing was justified, the agents of the government, with body armor, fine weapons and super intelligence knew they were going to be killed as an organization and individual agents by a middle aged white guy with his hands in the air and the potential to not cooperate when confronted by fools with guns. Notice the difference in the Ferguson protests and the Oregon one, all that property damage and death is so different.

  I have long held beliefs that godless government has no intelligence nor soul, and certainly doesn't love anyone. And the government, if it is to replace God, needs to get on to loving everyone -- and I hold that truth to be impossible. Institutions are built by men, and are only as good or bad as the men using them. Corruption is always possible, and seems to be a design feature of using failed humans.

   I did notice that the political candidates for Republican Presidential primary in Iowa (I to have been to that state and used Great Uncle Ernie's outhouse, admiring his matchbook collection, and his wife's button collections and their display.) were running out their Christian values, support of the veterans and ability to fix problems. They didn't convince me of much except they are willing to serve, and only two of them were focused on the problems. The others seemed to focus on their capabilities... this is, after all, a 'me' and 'I' generations. 

  Ah, well, certainly much to pray about, the answers are not on the media feed, nor in the ramblings of old fat men with sleepless good intentions to provide for his loves everywhere and knowing there really aren't supermen or even common heroes when needed, just the very best that he can do will have to be good enough, and it should be if done with love and the LORD. Amen


  1. Well done, Earl. I value your opinion on stuff like the Malheur mess.

  2. Yep, something 'strange' about that whole shootout... or was it?

  3. The entire shoot out, is on video, the law enforcement at the second stop, shot while the man's hands were in the air, he got hit and reacted to the wound, not going for a gun. But the intent was all the law enforcement guys go home, and that anyone that didn't obey would be treated as armed and dangerous. Seems the law enforcement live in their fears and kill as they are so sure they must. When I get stopped by flashing lights, I pull way over leave my hands at ten and two on the steering wheel and respectfully answer the policeman's questions as he asks from outside of my door, unless he is outside the passenger side. But both stops and road blocks were with weapons locked and loaded and looking to get home safe and earlier would be better.
    They have become a problem, and that isn't a good thing for the country.

  4. Thank you for sharing what you saw. As I said, I respect your opinion and thought pretty much the same thing, except that I have no experience in these things and didn't trust my personal judgement of what I was seeing. I wrote about the Hammonds way back in October, long before the story was mainstream news. Sad that they seem to have gotten lost in the shuffle and sad that Obama didn't just issue them a pardon and defuse this whole thing at least for a little while.

    1. I hadn't read what you wrote about the Hammonds, I don't get around as much as I once did. Your take on the problem would have been interesting, since you have lots of agriculture contacts at your immediate hand.

  5. Sorry, it was in the Farm Side, which is behind a pay portal in the paper I write for. I will see if I can find a free version. Sometimes they put it up in pdf.