Monday, July 20, 2015

Yes, there are some people that should not be armed, especially dangerous...

but, if I told you that when you lose you ability to bear arms as a right of a human being, then you should also lose your ability to vote - what would you think then?  First they started with the disabled and maybe not so disabled veterans (you know those men and women that killed people and broke things for their government) make sure they can't commit suicide or murder by having arms.... yep, happens.  Not too many to make the politicians quake, because if they are taking medications for mental issues they can't be too safe. If you tied their ability to vote to the same thought process as bearing arms or being responsible for financial dealings then the folks in charge of getting live bodies to the polls might worry.

   So now, the government in all its goodness and greatness is going to disarm the old folks.  How many old folks have committed these mass shootings? drive-by shootings? We should just pass a law outlawing oxygen to anyone bent on using arms for evil. Regulation of the tools will never stop what starts in the mind of a human, they will always invent a way to perform what task they put their mind to.


  1. Yet those ARE the very folks that need an assist to be able to defend themselves.

  2. One of my points, they are just trying to remove a little at a time.

    Sensible gun control measures.