Friday, July 31, 2015

So, I need something to do well, for more than I and I pick...

  Restoring my country to Liberty, not greatness, not leadership of the world, not an economic powerhouse... just Liberty under the LORD. That last part makes many modern Americans squirmy, cause it is so misunderstood.

  All governments are about control of the populations under their control. They also evolve into an institution that may be often corrupted. Many organized religions are successful for the appearance of making the congregation 'Children of God' and many then ally themselves with the government power to protect the people, or so they believe. 

  The truth is you don't need the government, you don't need religion you can be the best you can ever be without either. Having said that, remember that Jesus didn't really establish a Christian religion, he presented the truth and was the way. He never said the Roman government should adopt his love for everyone, he never forced anyone to his path, he talked, he taught and was a living example.  His tale of the temptations while in the wilderness are critical. For those temptations are being accepted as a way to change everything, but they never have changed anything except the fool that picks those.

   You do need to find the LORD, receive guidance and work out your life as the noise of stupidity ramps up, you should do it often and vigorously. Find like minded folks and work in love for God and goodness. Don't worry, the government, which ever one takes charge because there are too many godless fools will decide that you have to die. It is going to happen to the worst and the best of the human beings. Honor your God, love His creation and don't worry about it as you spread the message and make you life count.


  1. Tryin to make our lives count IS what we've done, and continue to do... There is always a temptation to pack it in, but if we do that, the other side wins...

  2. Can't pack it in, but like swimming against the rip tide, go with the beach not the flow. The storm against "whatever is current" will pass and we may still be sane.